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January 25, 2017
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January 28, 2017
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Eye On

Never miss out on anything!

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Brief About App

Think of all the major social media and entertainment apps and then imagine it all synchronised in one platform! Yes, Eye On is agglomeration of all events at one place. From ticket booking to ticket selling this app is all that the events enthusiasts need. Eye On spots every event occurring around the world so no matter where you are there is always something special lined up for you!

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with people

Multiple user access allows multiple users to access the event details and share the tickets and discounts and other benefits. Just like various other social apps, this app too offers a module to express user views, where users can like, comment and share their experiences.

Adjustment to
user preference

The app Adjusts to the user preference according to the users’ likes and dislikes and frequency of the event selection. Moreover this app provides detailed event description for each and every event that the user has interest in.

Avail the backend
support easily

Backend support for event organiser is a special feature added for the traders so that they can administer the event and keep a database of all the transactions. Besides the support, the Special Invite feature enables the trader to send special invites to his regular customers and build lasting relations.

Forget the
language barrier

The app is available in Multiple Languages for worldwide users. So anywhere in the world you can always find something fun to do.

Technical Overview

  • Apple Maps
  • Objective C
  • Social Integration
  • Sprite Kit for funky animation