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- Unity 3D Game Engine, Node JS


The Ballz game is specially made for relaxing your brain, and the endless gameplay is best to kill time while you are traveling or just pass the time with your mobile buddy. The game features a ball striking the bricks and destroying it. The ball can keep striking continuously until the brick slot reaches the screen-ground. The level of bricks goes on increasing, succeeding each round when you throw the balls. A player can try to break as many bricks as possible and reach high scores. To make an endless ball chain, the player needs to collect the items on the way. You can challenge your friends to compete on the high-scores and have some real fun out of it.


Our team of intelligent game developers has created a seamless game display to gain enough control over the ball. The angle of striking the ball to various bricks is the main idea to steal high scores. The ball control and swipe gestures are kept quite simple and easy to play. The game player can hit the bricks from bottom to top in the slot. The more of breaking bricks, the higher the score. The entire app flow of the game makes it more interactive and lures the player to play again and again! The fingers are just enough to use the smooth gestures and eye to target brick, by keeping it’s the correct angle.

UI/UX (Design)

From a list of games developed by us, this game has the most simple and yet engaging user interface. The game screen layout is very smooth to interact consistently and to gain high scores. The game is designed with a broad focus and designer’s creative skills. The layout of the gameplay is such that the developers can easily convert them into a flexible game product for launch and play.

Ballz - Yudiz

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Powered by Ketchapp, Ballz has more than 20 million downloads on the play store. It is one of the highest downloads we have achieved out of a list of games developed by Yudiz.


The development of the game is essentially crafting design into reality. It involves the concept of building, testing, and successful release. Ballz game has also been created will all of these major concepts of successful game development. The development section is behind the gamification of levels, ball controls, scoreboards, and brick mechanism.

Game Screens

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