Phonics Museum

where kids become readers


- Android and iOS app


- Unity Engine, Laravel


Teaching children to read and write from an early age is one of the best things for their future, but, as a parent, choosing the right educational source can be difficult and look overwhelming. Phonics Museum is an educational app that promises to teach children in a way they’ll love. Following a unique multi-sensory approach, this app includes audiobooks, stories, games, memory songs, and exercises that teach children how to read and write. Parents can choose a free trial and then, opt for a monthly or yearly subscription and enroll up to 3 children at a time.


It is a learning platform that educates children from age 3 to 7 and helps them pick up fundamental reading and writing skills. The app opens up to a museum that has different levels and floors having games and activities. Children can explore the museum with the help of characters named William and Wendy and unravel an exciting journey. Each of the floors consists of wall frames that have interesting games, videos, sounds, and quizzes. Also, according to a child’s progress, the higher levels include complex activities like letter tracing, rearranging the story parts, and cursive writing.

UI/UX (Design)

Since this is a kid educational application, a lot of thought went into designing the characters and layout of the game, making it entertaining and engaging for kids and their parents. Also, the game art style used during the game development process makes the application fun to use making the user experience better.

phonics illustration

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All the videos and ebooks used in the applications are bundled into assets and deployed on to Google cloud to reduce the size of the application and keep the user’s device free from storage. Using google cloud also enabled us to deploy a large amount of data without compromising the speed or performance of the application. Many features are still getting added to the application like, customization of game characters and environments that will make this app more exciting and popular among kids.

Game Screens