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Just when you feel bored, Bruh comes to the rescue!

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Bruh App

Brief About App

A fun and entertaining app that is just as easy and addictive. When you feel like you got nothing to do or are at a party and feel bored, Bruh app is at your side. It is all about pressing the Bruh button as fast as as you can in 15 seconds. Every time you hit the button there is a funky sound accompanied that makes it all the more interesting. Moreover you can invite your friends for a challenge. Bruh app is all about having fun!

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Key Features


the button

The player can select the Bruh Button of their choice. With different colors and sound effects the player can customize the button.


The user of Bruh app can invite friends for a challenge game. This helps users to connect with friends.

Sound for
every push

Every time the player presses on the Bruh button, it makes delightful sounds which makes the game more addicting.


With Arcade or tap out, the player can indulge in a level and win game points for exciting prizes.

Technical Overview

  • AVKit
  • iAd
  • MPMedia player
  • Sprite Kit
  • UIKit Dynamics