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CarePack Lite

Stay fit, Stay healthy, Stay on the go..

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Brief About App

A good lifestyle is determined by good health. Health affects a person’s well being and quality of life. Health cannot be overlooked. CarePack app provides an overview of your health. Through its’ integration with Apple HealthKit, it gives users a report on the Body Mass Index and the heart rate. Moreover it also includes an emergency button which sends immediate report via email. It is available in multiple languages. CarePack Lites’ tie-up with Apple watch makes it more comprehensive and an everyday use app.

Just install CarePack and Let CarePack take care of the rest.

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Key Features



CarePack provides a complete overview of the health status that helps people to keep a tab on their health and lifestyle.


The app has a special emergency feature that sends a mail consisting the user’s data on important parameters like blood group, recorded heart rate, contact number as well as the GPS location. This enables users’ to receive quick assistance in time of need.

A Detailed

CarePack has a inclusive report as well as a complete description of the terms used in the report.


The report is presented in the form of graphs that helps to compare results and get a thorough picture of health. Staying healthy was never so easy!

Technical Overview

  • Apple Watch Integration
  • Graph IO
  • Health Kit
  • Motion Sensor