Easy Logistics

Smart Shipping Solutions


- Online Shipping Agent


- MS SQL Server


- .Net Core


Easy Logistics, as the name suggests, is a smart shipping solution to all your shipping needs. The online portal allows you to ship the parcel at the preferred address or locations. The website works on the basis of shipping through boxes starting from 5kg, 10kg, 20 kg and so on. The single user or merchant can log in to add money to the wallet and purchase the desired size of the box as per the requirements. The user can fill in the box and ask for the delivery to a specified location. The main benefit of the application is that it delivers the box with complete care to the right address.


The website Easy Logistics serves both types of users that are the regular user and the merchant. The web portal is essentially an API. If a merchant needs to deliver a considerable package of size or boxes every month, then Smartship works like a shopping agent on behalf of the merchant and ships the goods to the customer address. This kind of service is for the regular merchants. The user can checkout using different payment methods of net banking, debit card, and inbuilt wallet through the payfort payment gateway in the system.

UI/UX (Design)

As the shipping sites handle most of the financial transactions, our web designers craft great wireframes and a discrete design in the proximity of the better user experience. It is only possible with the use of advanced graphic tools and creative ideas. Each layout from the design makes the user’s interest in communicating with the site and driving more shipping solutions.

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The Easy Logistics API serves as the fast shipper to drop your parcel at the desired address.


Our professional team of developers has adopted various stages of the process, like planning, designing, coding, testing, and launch. .Net core plays a significant role as a backend technology in developing this Easy Logistics API. We have implemented solutions that deliver a robust and scalable product for service.

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