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iDoor is a smart access system that makes your phone a key to manage your front door with a smartphone. Connected with your wifi system, it automatically sends notifications whenever your guest presses the bell. You need to grant access to your friends, family, and servants from idoor app and be at rest; it will automatically lock the door behind you. With idoor bell, you can answer your doors when you aren’t available at home through an HD video call. If someone comes at your house, register a one-time-key with the device before leaving the house. You will receive notifications when they come home and leave. The face recognition system will recognize you and your guest’s face and open, lock or notify you.


Get access to who comes and goes around your home with a smart and secured – iDoor app. It is one of the most intelligent human companions to make your home safe and secured. No matter wherever you are either at home or office, iDoor lets you open and manage your front door. The app can connect and control multiple devices quickly and easily. Lock and unlock your door from anywhere and grant access to your friends, family, and servants from the iDoor app and be assured, it will automatically lock the door. You can even register a one-time-key for someone scheduled to arrive at your home for a particular duration. Moreover, you can even manage door logs and notifications in a hassle-free manner.

UI/UX (Design)

Display of multiple nearby devices with its identity.

Showcasing multiple nearby users’ device horizontally in real-time proximity on the same layout was one of the biggest challenges faced during UI/UX design. However, our developers overcome this scenario with the help of BLE that scans nearby devices through proximity alert and display in-range devices and thus managed to display multiple devices in a real-time scenario.

  • #4AB4B6

    Primary Color

  • #1DD591

    Primary Color


    Secondary Color

  • #F2331D

    Secondary Color


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Establishing Connection with a single device


Showcasing multiple devices in proximity and establishing a connection with a single device as per the user’s action was one of the biggest complexities faced in the entire development. Our dedicated and expert development team managed this scenario by working on user’s on_tap action that fetched all the selected device information and thus bridged the connection and displayed its details simultaneously on the same layout.

App screens

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