Perfect Selections

Take your passion for sports to the next level


- Entertainment


- Android and iOS app


- Xcode version 12.0, Swift, Android Studio, Kotlin


The evolution of smartphones and technology has changed all forms of entertainment, including betting. Moreover, these applications hold advantages over traditional betting as they provide access to various sports and games and engage their users in a fun yet competitive spirit. This application lets players from around the world test their skills and score points based on the accuracy of their predictions. Perfect Selections was developed for our UK client who works in the sports and entertainment industry. The vision behind this requirement was to create a platform that users can play with their friends and share their passion for sports with them.


Though there are many betting applications available on the internet, the goal was to create a platform that shows the meticulous judgment and prediction of the user. With Perfect Selections, users can predict, challenge friends, analyze their position on the leaderboard and take it higher by participating in various contests and winning games. They can participate in various contests and gain a ranking by beating their personal best. Another amazing feature of this app is that it lets individuals and companies create their private leagues to compete with their friends and colleagues. Also, the personal news feeds provide regular contest alerts and results so that app users don’t miss out on important games and contests.

UI/UX (Design)

To maintain a steady design flow and to make the application truly stand out, our UI/UX designers were asked to provide bottom navigation support for every screen and have different colors for different tabs. Also, building multiple environments into the application came as a special request from our client. Other than that, other challenges like multiple built-in environments, frequent runtime UI changes, multiple device support, and app testing were handled efficiently by our software development team.

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Though our app developers had a very restricted timeframe for this requirement, the agile software development model helped us deliver the app before the deadline. Since Android is an open-source system, care was taken to create and encrypt code that cannot be altered or misused by any malware applications. Also, along with providing the latest architectural support, our android app developers provided added security and used ProGuard and security crypto for shared preferences. Offline caching was used for image loading to reduce waiting time thus improving user experience and care was taken to make it compatible across multiple devices and operating systems.

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