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- Laravel, MySQL




The music industry is a tough field to venture into and the ones with an initial big break make it to the top. This unique talent hunt platform is all about connecting budding musicians to popular labels around the world. Using this platform, artists can choose a subscription plan and get started on their musical journeys. They can update their general information, upload audio, and video files, and choose from over 50 music genres listed on the website. The music labels can also register on the website and browse through the profiles of the musicians to pick their favorite ones.


Our team of talented developers worked closely with the client to bring alive their vision through this platform. Supporting two types of users namely artists and labels, this is a perfect platform that creates a bridge between the two. The easy-to-use dashboard and smooth navigation allow artists to create new posts, upload their music files and manage their public accounts. On the other hand, a label representative can create a profile, select talents, and contact them through the website. The homepage has a sliding banner representing the best 10 members, making it easier for labels to find talented artists.

UI/UX (Design)

One of the major challenges that our UI/UX designers faced was to design pixel-perfect pages that fit every resolution and device be it, mobile or desktop. The website was designed to translate the vibe of a musician and make record labels find young and deserving talent in a hassle-free manner. The sliding banners across the website deliver a smooth transition into each slide and the assets and components used on the website ensures maximum user experience.

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    Primary Color

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AWS S3 Storage Service


To facilitate secure storage of audio and video content uploaded on the website, our Laravel developers used AWS S3 Storage Service. It ensured cost-effective storage while maintaining the scalability and durability of the system. Using the AWS S3 bucket for storing files helped us keep our servers less occupied and run more efficiently.

The website is also integrated with third-party payment gateways called Stripe that allow recurring payments for subscriptions. Also, the admin’s back-end panel lets him/her change home banners, manage advertisements, and keep track of monthly and yearly earnings.

Website screens

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