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The interesting social media platform SoMee is a chatting application to grow your community and raise immediate crypto rewards for sharing content. The more active you are on the application, the more your chance to get rewarded. The cryptocurrency rewarded in the wallet can then be redeemed into USD. It is a social media model where the community enjoys the opportunity to earn big perks.


We have chosen to create SoMee on a current favorite social media Blockchain called Steem. Steem is the only Blockchain platform that empowers social media apps by rewarding them for shared content. The app works on the basis of node syncing. The three main nodes are a live node, a testing node, and a backup node. The live node represents the streaming data, and the testing node stores the entire backup of the Blockchain data.

Why Steem?

Steem is a Blockchain database that supports social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards. SoMee is a similar application where users are rewarded for social media content sharing and mining. It is created on a content-focused Blockchain platform to power the social media communities.


The most relevant Blockchain platform of the time that corresponds to the social content mining needs is Steem. It breaks the record with high payout compared to other trending platforms when it comes to building social media applications using Blockchain technology. It’s high-performance, and scalability features make the only platform to power real social applications. The program code runs on the proof of brain algorithm, again making a unique cryptocurrency reward system. Steem provides intelligent bandwidth to enable free transactions and faster processing. To date, it has proven to be the only platform to build a social application to scale.


Reward Pool For both creators And curators


Hierarchical Role Based Permissions (Keys)


Lowest Entry-Barrier for User Adoption in the market


Secure platform for social media no tension of hacking


Intelligent bandwidth allocation enables free transactions


Processing occurs every 3 seconds, 24/7/365


The only blockchain that can handle social applications at scale


Proof of Brain social consensus algorithm

Do you need a similar project to SoMee?


The SoMee app is a social media model to generate revenue from user-generated shared content.


It is built to scale using Steem Blockchain, the only Blockchain that can handle social applications. Steem Blockchain offers fast, free, and reliable service. The app is developed using the Steem Blockchain technology for users to bridge their community and earn cryptocurrency rewards. Every transaction is stored in the Blockchain via node syncing so that there is no third party interruption. This crypto revenue is then converted into USD by active users.


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