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February 28, 2017
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March 15, 2017
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The BlockHeads

Knock Knock; who’s there? It is Blockhead on the run!

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Brief About App

Ready for an adventure? Blockhead is a spectacular game that takes you on a spin through the world of blocks. Explore the Blockland with complex caves, deep valleys, hot deserts and snow covered mountains. With Blockhead you will never have a dull moment. Just like a normal person, keep your blockheads up and about by feeding them, giving them proper sleep, food and clothing.

You know you are in for a thrill ride with Blockhead!

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Key Features


Delve into
the blockland

From vast stretch of deserts to snowy mountains, from caves to fancy houses, blockland has it all. Blockhead game has a surprise in store for you at every level. With striking graphics and music, this game is sure to bring the player in for more!

Win through

Blockhead is all about fun and adventure. It allows the user to share their scores over Facebook. What’s more? The players can win prizes just by sharing their scores.

Unlock the mystery
of a new level

With every score the player makes, they get to unlock new levels full of exciting tasks and difficulties. Blockhead is indeed a ride with a whole lot twists and turns that is sure to keep you indulged!

Jump, Slide,
break and glide

Blockhead has a list of tasks at hand. From boat crafting to meat cooking, coconut picking to planting an orchard; the blockhead does everything. Blockhead is a lively game that keeps the player asking for more!

Technical Overview

  • Mono Develop
  • Social Kit
  • Store Kit (for in app purchase)
  • Unity 3D Game Engine