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Technology is all about simplifying the regular tasks and save time in doing so. ToBo app is a visual example of this.

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Brief About App

Tobo successfully recreates the process of behaviour reinforcement through artistically combining it with technology!

TOBO stands for token boards that is a method to visually impart behaviour training, strengthen the good behaviour and increase its frequency. TOBO is specifically designed for professionals and educators to make their interaction easy with students and clients.

Tobo is a time saving app that is user friendly and flexible that fits every user need!

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Ideal Features


User Interface

The TOBO app provides a user interactive and user friendly interface. It has easy browse through options that makes it easy for users to navigate their way around.

Multiple Language

Tobo supports varied languages like german, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. You can select the language that suits both the educator and the child.

Various Images
Depicting Rewards

The app has a variety of images depicting rewards to boost up the child’s desire to complete a task. Each image represents a specific reward like free time, play time, cookies, and much more!

Select from a variety
of token options

Tokens are given to clients/students as a symbol of successful completion of a task. There is a vast list of token options to select from. The funky token options boost the students to achieve their tasks. The user of the app can create their own customized token according to the target audience.

your settings

You can set your own congratulations effect and select the audio to be played at the time, as well as display the message!

Tobo is indeed the app you have been waiting for. So why wait when wisdom is just an app away!

Technical Overview

  • Core Animation
  • Core Data
  • Swift 2.2